AWhat Does MeRT Treatment Involve?


Now that the question “What is MeRT” has been answered, the next logical question is “What does MeRT involve”?  What happens once you have decided on treatment?

EEG and Consultation –  begins by applying a cap on the scalp, then adding gel to the electrodes of the cap. Generally, the patient keeps their eyes closed and remains relatively still for a period up to 10 minutes under the direction of the technician administering the test. EEGs are necessary as they allow for personalized treatment. A simple analogy: if you go into a shoe store to buy a pair of shoes, the store needs more information than “a pair of shoes”, or even a “pair of men’s shoes”. Size, width, occasion, etc. …all necessary to obtaining the right pair of shoes.

  1. Prior to the EEG, fill out intake forms and behavioral questionnaires
  2. The initial EEG takes anywhere from 15-45 minutes
  3. Consultation with Doctor regarding EEG results
  4. He will go over possible side effects and outcomes of our treatment
  5. Strategies for acclimating a patient to treatment are available and can be discussed during the consultation

A MagVenture Stimulator is used to produce the magnetism that is applied to the head. A head wand is applied to specific areas on the head as the stimulator produces magnetism in five-second bursts. During this time, it is recommended that the patient sit still and close their eyes. We help patients acclimate to this and in our experience, patients of all ages and functioning quickly comply with treatment. There is a break of approximately 25 seconds, and our patients can eat snacks or watch their favorite show. Some struggle to sit still for 30 consecutive minutes, which can usually be accommodated and adapted to their needs. After approximately 10 treatment sessions, a follow-up EEG is done to measure the progress of the brain’s wave activity. EEG’s are repeated every two weeks to monitor the patient’s response to treatment.

  1. Treatment sessions are 30-35 minutes long
  2. They are Mon- Fri at the same time for 6-8 weeks. There is an opportunity to adjust a session for conflicts or illness, however, as much consistency in treatment as possible is the goal.
  1. The Dr. is also able to speak to you if you desire to do longer than the 6-week recommended sessions.
  2. During the first two to three weeks of treatment, it is possible to see some hyperactivity, need for movement, or increased agitation. Less commonly, brain stimulation makes patients sleepy, resulting in increased nighttime sleep. We ask that you contact us if it is unbearable and the treatment protocol can be slowed down for better acclimation.

Results are widely varied, mostly in degree of improvement. In general, improvements in sleep, attention, speech, and sensory idiosyncrasies of all types are reported. It is important to note that improvements do continue in the months following treatment, and the end of treatment is an excellent time to begin new therapies and activities, as people often report that gains and improvements come much more rapidly after MeRT.

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