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“Madison is a 21-year-old patient with autism who we treated. She wrote the following letter to Dr. Geraci throughout her treatment process:


“Dr. Geraci, I’m very scared I won’t talk. I’m very kind and have important things to say. It’s important I talk so I can help others like me. Dr. Geraci, thank you for changing my life. I’m happy, not depressed. It lifted in my brain. I’m so happy and I want to live to do things. I’m so grateful. You’re an angel and so kind. I also am talking!! Dr. Geraci, I’m more loving and able to cuddle my mom. She is so happy. Before I was uncomfortable, too hard to be close. It just happened not sure how, but I’m doing it.”

– Madison, 21-year-old patient with autism

Madison’s mom added a note:

“Madison opened the bathroom drawer, got out the brush and I came in. She was brushing her hair and had already put toothpaste on her toothbrush. She started brushing her teeth herself.”

– Madison’s mom


“To anyone who might be interested in this treatment, please call Dr. Geraci for more information. My daughter was treated and the results have been life-changing. When one family member is struggling it’s so difficult for the rest of the family to watch and not know how to help. This was like a miracle for her and all of us who have seen such dramatic changes happen so quickly. I only wish this had been available years ago. Thank goodness for new research and Dr. Geraci’s vision to help individuals and their families heal.”

– Donna J.


“I cannot begin to describe the miracle that is MeRT therapy as well as the kindness and bedside manner of Dr. Geraci and his wonderful team. My 7-year-old is on the spectrum and has struggled with speech and cognition. I have researched literally every treatment and remedy I came across to see how I can help my son. Luckily one day, a parent on my ASD support page recommended MeRT. I went into it with low expectations because I didn’t want to get disappointed in case it didn’t give us gains, but boy was I wrong. Five weeks into our treatment and my son was not only more verbal than before, but his speech was functional, and was talking in long sentences. He was also very engaged instead of stimming uncontrollably and trapped in his own world. He also became very affectionate and started giving us hugs and kisses whereas before he would just stare blankly at us and would refuse physical contact. It has been incredibly encouraging for us. The gains that we got made the treatment worth it. Dr. Geraci is a gem. He is so wonderful and extremely patient with my sons. I cannot recommend him and MeRT enough and my wish is to reach as many ASD parents as possible so they can avail of this life-changing treatment for their children.”

– Madeleine M.


“I have better sleep. I no longer have the urge to smoke cigarettes. I have no desire to relapse into what I had been taking previously. I am calmer and can stay focused easily. I used to have night terrors and would scream every night. I no longer scream in my sleep. The change for me felt subtle. Now a few months I look back and I’m like wow this MERT treatment changed my life all for the better. I went every day for 30 minutes. Tom was able to fit me in daily no matter what my schedule looked like. He is a great, talented man and I am so grateful to him. Thank you, Tom! I am so glad we met and I got the help I needed. I wasn’t sure about it but now I feel if everyone in the world got this treatment they would all be happier with sharper minds as the outcome.”

– Lindsey B.


“My son had 50 treatments with Summit Brain Health. The staff and doctor were so calm with my son. My son is autistic and he is very wiggling they never show me or him that dealing with him was hard for them. They always gave me kind words and tried their best. I could always reach the doctor with any questions I had and he took the time to answer them. My son is taking a break from the treatment but we will be coming back soon.”

– Diana N.


“I’m back! My TBI turned me into someone I barely recognized. I was depressed, mean, and short-tempered. I pushed through life filled with frustration and a deep sense of sadness that this was it. I just had to keep pushing through life with overwhelming tiredness. I’m so glad I was wrong. I think my direct reports and family are even more thankful. This treatment changed everything, and I am forever thankful.”

– 41-year-old male with TBI


PLEASE NOTE: Brain Performance Technologies only treats children who are three years and older.

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