What is MeRT?

I ran across MeRT in one of my social media groups.  My friend told me about it.  I have heard of TMS, but that is for depression.  My neurologist said it was a hoax.  There are no studies for it.  It is not FDA approved. 

Lots of chatter.  Lots of convolution of facts.  Here are the basics:

MeRT – stands or Magnetic eResonance Therapy.  It is a form of brain stimulation therapy that uses a magnet.  MeRT begins with a test to monitor brain waves, see qEEG/EKG.  The machinery used in MeRT is the same that is used in TMS (see below).  The machinery is FDA approved for some mental health conditions.  The protocol introduced by MeRT for this machinery is still undergoing clinical trials. 

Brain Stimulation Therapy – a type of therapy for the treatment neurological or psychiatric disorders that uses a certain conduit to stimulate areas of the brain not functioning as they should.  Electrodes or magnets are the two most common devices used in brain stimulation therapies.

TMS – transcranial magnetic stimulation, also known as repetitive transcranial magnetic stimulation, is also a form of brain stimulation that uses a magnet. The machinery used in TMS and MeRT are the same.  The protocols for TMS using these machines has been approved by the FDA as treatment for major depressive disorder that does not respond to medication, OCD, and smoking cessation.  It is used off label for other psychiatric disorders, including autism. 

qEEG/EKG – a quantitative electroencephalogram records electrical activity in the brain.  Done together with an electrocardiogram (EKG), these diagnostics provide comprehensive understanding of brain activity.   MeRT treatment uses the results of these tests to personalize brain stimulation therapy for each patient. 

MeRT and TMS use the same machine in treatment.  The difference is placement of the magnet and hertz frequency.  Magnet placement and hertz frequency are the same across every TMS treatment, but are personalized for each patient in MeRT. 

There are a wide range of studies and research for both MeRT and TMS.  Review them on our research page and check back for updates.  You can also check out our testimonials

MeRT machine render