Stop Soldier Suicide

Due to the unique challenges military service members face, they are more susceptible to different mental health conditions including depression, post traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), anxiety, etc. You can learn more about their unique struggle here. Furthermore, the transition home is often the most difficult for service members, and where a lot of these mental health conditions can surface. In 2016, suicide rates for veterans were 1.5 times greater than non-veterans; a statistic that showcases the lack of mental health resources provided to veterans and service members. A national nonprofit, Stop Soldier Suicide (SSS) , focuses solely on reducing the military suicide rate. SSS was co-founded by Army veterans Brian Kinsella, Nick Black, and Craig Gridelli in 2010 during the worst suicide crisis our military has ever seen. SSS has grown into the most innovative suicide intervention effort in the country, saving 150 lives in 2021 alone.

Stop Soldier Suicide started as a living room crisis phone line that has grown tremendously since its start in 2010. They are known for their one-of-a-kind suicide intervention model, their use of data insights, and their technology-first approach. Their organization actively finds and targets military members engaged in high-risk digital behavior, then engages them in a comprehensive spectrum of services over an extended period of time. By actively identifying and assessing the suicide risk of its service members, they are able to help manage and reduce their suicidal thoughts and behaviors by connecting them to national and local resources. SSS also provides them with different life skills that can help them to manage their symptoms. All of these services are free of charge, regardless of period served or discharge status. Because the nonprofit was founded by servicemen, it brings, not only a personal commitment, but also personal understanding of what service members or veterans may be experiencing. Stop Soldier Suicide is a company that is dedicated to the wellbeing of veterans and will continue to attribute to the drop of suicide rates of service men and woman all over the country. To learn more about Stop Solider Suicide, as well as Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation therapy for military members or veterans with depression, follow our Facebook group: TMS Depression Treatment for Vets and Military Families. And don’t forget to check out TriCare, which is a health insurance program specifically for service members that provides civilian health benefits.

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