One question that is often asked in our clinic is this:  what is the difference between Magnetic e-resonance therapy (MeRT) and Transcranial magnetic stimulation (TMS) therapy?

Answer:  MeRT is personalized TMS. TMS delivers the same magnetic pulse, in the same spot on the forehead, for every patient for every condition.  MeRT uses the same machine as TMS, which is FDA-approved,  but personalizes a treatment plan, including pulse delivery and magnet placement.  The treatment plan is personalized with the use of an electroencephalogram (EEG).

EEG’s offer a road map of a person’s different brain wave patterns, which are used to indicate specific areas of the brain not communicating as they should.  From that data, a treatment plan that better targets those areas of the brain is developed.  

The duration of TMS and MeRT is another difference.  TMS is often a 4-week treatment course, and MeRT is a 6- or 8-week course, with EEGs done regularly throughout treatment.  MeRT was developed as a next-generation version of magnetic brain stimulation by Wave Neuroscience.  

You can read details about what MeRT involves and learn more about what to expect during treatment.