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Why Social Stories?

Many times parents and caregivers question if their child will be able to sit for treatment.  Communicating the details of any procedure, including what to expect, well before the day of treatment is wise for everyone.  For those that are very young and non verbal, exactly how to communicate those expectations can be especially challenging.  Talented behaviorists have utilized social stories as a communication tool since the 1990s and we have utilized their services to prepare a social story for the EEG and one for the treatment.

These stories can be printed and used by parents and therapists to help describe what to expect.  Should you have a need to work further with a consultant on communicating expectations, tolerating having the head touched and sitting in the treatment chair, we can provide a recommendation.

Welcome to an extraordinary journey into the amazing realms of EEGs and MeRT Treatment! Prepare to embark on an adventure like no other, where education meets exhilaration and anticipation turns into pure joy.

  • In, “I Am Going to the EEG,” we’ll unlock the secrets of the brain together. Become a fearless explorer, delving into the captivating world of brain waves.
  • In, “MeRT Treatment Day,” our aim is to make it an absolute blast! From a personalized treatment plan to exciting surprises along the way, we’ll transform the experience into a celebration of their unique journey.

Get ready to explore and learn on this incredible expedition of EEGs and MeRT Treatment!


Embark on an incredible adventure with your brave little patient as they dive into the fascinating world of EEGs! Get ready to unleash their inner explorer and make their journey not only educational but also incredibly fun and unforgettable.


Get ready to rock MeRT Treatment Day with your little superstar! We’ve got all the tools you need to turn anticipation into excitement and make it a day filled with fun and adventure.

PLEASE NOTE: Brain Performance Technologies only treats children who are three years and older.

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