What is Brain State Training?

Brain Waves are measurements of Brain Activity, measured in cycles per second. The four Brain Waves are Delta which is .5 to 3.5 cycles per second, Theta which is 3.5 to 7 cycles per second, Alpha which is 8 to 14 cycles per second, and Beta which is 15 and higher cycles per second.

All of these Brain Waves exist in all parts of the Brain all of the time. The Key to the type of reality that we create for ourselves on an ongoing basis is revealed in the ratios of these Brain Waves.

Brain State Training is a form of Neurofeedback which uses cutting edge computer technology and software to assist the Brain to learn how to create Brain Wave Patterns which support Optimum Performance.

Through the natural course of living the human Brain develops imbalances, from traumatic childhood experiences, poor diet, stress and over-stimulation. Brain State Training helps the Brain develop new networks of Brain cells, which in turn help the Brain move towards Harmony,  Balance and Optimum Performance.

In Brain State Training, the Brain can actually see and hear itself and therefore teach itself how to create Brain Wave Patterns which enable it to process stimuli in a more Balanced and Harmonious manner which supports performance. Brain State Training is a very specialized form of Neurofeedback, designed to achieve Balance, Harmony and Optimum Performance.

Why Brain State Training?

The Brain is the control unit for our bodies, our emotions, our consciousness and the actual experience of life itself. As outside stimuli are channeled through the Brain, our perception of reality is created by the Brain's response to these stimuli.

The Human Brain is truly one of nature's wonders. It is estimated that input (stimuli) to the Human Brain has increased over 10,000 times in the last 50 years.

We live in a very fast paced world with a constant barrage of stimulation in the form of thousands of advertisements through radio, TV, newspapers and magazines. We experience a flood of phone, fax and e-mail stimuli daily.

We experience tremendous stress in the course of everyday living. This increase in stimulation has happened so quickly in relative time that the Brain has not had time to develop adequate filters to handle so many stimuli. In time, the Brain will develop filters, but that may take hundreds of years.

Consequently, for nearly everyone, imbalances and disharmony have developed in the Brain.

Depending on the severity, these imbalances can manifest themselves in the form of Anxiety, Depression, Addictions, ADD/ADHD, Eating Disorders, Sleep Disorders, and other life obstacles. Less severe imbalances can result in an inability to perform as well as one would like, lack of focus, lack of motivation, underachievement, poor sleep or simply a lack of joy in life.

How Do We Train the Brain?

Brain Wave Activity is electro-chemical in nature and actually creates measurable electromagnetic energy. This energy is picked up by electrodes, which contain computer chips, which are placed on electro-encephalogram points on the scalp.

The electromagnetic energy travels from the electrodes, through an amplifier, into the computer where the energy is depicted on the computer screen in the form of Brain Waves, which are measured in Hertz (cycles per second). So we can actually see the Brain Wave patterns that the Brain is generating in real-time.

The first step in the Brain State Training Process is the creation of the Brain Map.

We place electrodes on electro-encephalogram points on the scalp in order to measure Brain Wave activity in the Frontal Lobes, the Central Lobes, the Parietal Lobes, the Temporal Lobes, the Central Strip and the Occipital Lobes.

Brain Wave activity is measured in "eyes closed," "eyes partially closed" and "eyes open" positions. All the measurements are recorded and a Brain Map is generated by the software which helps us to see what is necessary to help the Brain train itself toward Balance, Harmony and Optimization.

Our approach is holistic in that it looks at the individual Brain from the perspective of what it can be if Balanced


Brain State Training

[Brainwave Optimization with RTB (real time balancing) does not treat, cure, heal or diagnose any mental health
condition or symptom ,disease or illness of any type. Brainwave Optimization balances and harmonizes brain waves.]